Services We Offer

Please find below some of the services we offer, if you cant find what you are looking for, please fill in the contact form.

Dog Walking Group

Our group dog walks are great fun, if your dog interacts well in a group, this is ideal for you. Minimum 45 mins walk.

£9 per dog per walk  second dog £5

£40 per week (Mon-Fri) second dog £20

£150 per month (Mon-Fri) second dog £70

Dog Walking Individual

We offer individual and tailored walks, these can be great if your dog doesn't interact well in a group, these spaces are always limited. We offer a minimum 45 mins walk.

£15 per dog per walk, second dog £10

£65 per week (Mon-Fri) second dog £35

£230 per month (Mon-Fri) second dog £120

VIP Days

We offer a VIP service, this can be tailored but the standard package includes a full day out in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, a long walk, loads of photos and a professional grooming service offered by Dog Folly in Burnsall.

£100 to include a wash and groom

£120 to include a wash, cut and groom

Alternatives include trips away with us in our caravan, loads of walks guaranteed and nice food. 

Prices range from £50 for a weekend to £200 for a full week or longer!

Cat Sitting

We offer a cat sitting service, we can tailor it directly to your needs. We can pop in, feed the cat, sit and play, let in and out. We are cat lovers, are fully insured and CRB checked so you can be safe knowing we can be there when ever you need us.

£5 per visit (30 Mins) Mon-Fri

£10 per visit (30 Mins) Sat-Sun 

£20 per week Mon-Fri plus £10 for Sat-Sun

Small Furries

We offer a small Furries service, we can come in each day and feed, entertain and clean up after your small furries. We can also offer a sitting service in our house. We own 2 funny little guinea pigs, Barry & Gary.

£5 per visit (30 Mins) Mon-Fri

£10 per visit (30 Mins) Sat-Sun

£20 per week Mon-Fri plus £10 for Sat-Sun

£20 for a weekend stay (Veggies included)

£40 for a weeks stay (Veggies included)

Pet Taxi Service

To all our clients we offer a pet taxi service that can be great for visits to the vets but also useful for visits to the park or visiting family where a standard taxi would not be suitable.

We charge per dog, with humans travelling for free. We have space for 2 dogs and 2 humans.

We are fully insured, CRB checked and members of the PDWA.

Call or email for a quote, service available 24 hrs.